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Competitive Programs

All-Around Gymnastics Academy offers a wide range of Competitive experience. We work with all levels of athletes with focus on safety and individual success. Below is a brief description:



Xcel Team

The Xcel Team trains twice a week for 2.5 hours and are offered a third day for makeup or to add to their schedule. They are involved in a competitive situation that stresses individual accomplishment. Our Xcels participate in both AAU League and USAG League competitions. Competition is at the athletes choice and uniform and meet expenses are minimized.Cost is $150 per month for two days. there is an additional charge to add the third day. Please see the Xcel Team page for more information.


The USAG Team is a more intense competitive program involving more hours of training and a higher level of commitment. USAG athletes purchase a Uniform and Gym Bag, are members of the Team Boosters club, are required to travel to all meets they are invited to and train 9-16 hours a week depending on their Level. The USAG Team is a full Year commitment for athletes Levels 4-9.

Usag Team Members Train:

Level 3              9 hours/week   3 days/3 hours

Level 4              9 hours/week   3 days/3 hours

Level 5             9 hours/week  3 days/3 hours or 12 hours/week  4 Days/3 Hours

Level 6-9          15 hours/week 3 days/4 hours and 1 day/3 hours

Training costs for the program are:

*Costs are based on the Level and number of hours an athlete Trains* 


*There are several other costs and fees associated with this program*

***Click below for a printable Fall Team Schedule***

USAG Fall Team.PDF

TOPs Program

The TOPs Program is a very high intensity program for athletes ages 5.75-10 years. It involves a very rigorous and challenging training regimen. TOPs is by audition only. Please call us at 440-358-0111 or visit our TOPs page or the TOPs link for more information.

TOPs Page