All-Around Gymnastics Academy
6056 Pinecone Dr., Mentor, OH

The Warriors Program

All-Around Gymnastics Academy is pleased and excited to announce our new Warriors Program! A fusion of Tumbling, Tricking, ParKour and Martial arts for boys ages 6-12. See below for more Info and check the registration page for times and dates.

The Warriors program is a one hour class teaching progressive movement skills and promoting movement and fitness.

Matt Milhoan

“Matt has studied a wide variety of martial arts, tumbling, tricking, and other styles of movement for nearly ten years. Having received his Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences from Cleveland State University, Matt works constantly to inspire young athletes to stay active and healthy through movement-based activities. Matt is especially passionate about more underground movement sports (such as tricking and parkour) and brings a fresh spin on acrobatics training to AAGA with the all-new Warrior Class.”